All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray

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Dryer ball spray is inexpensive to make & will save your clothes from static electricity in the dryer.  You’ll love the fresh smell & your wrinkle free clothes!

wool dryer balls next to blue spray bottle

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Why Make All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray?

I made the switch to wool dryer balls recently (this brand is made in the USA!).  My main reason was to save on money, but I also liked that I was eliminating the chemicals & toxins found in dryer sheets.

When I started using the dryer balls, my clothes had more static than I expected.  I decided to make a spray using vinegar to cut down on the static as I knew it is often used as a natural fabric softener.  

After spraying a few spritzes of the All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray into the dryer, my next load of laundry was practically static-free!  It makes a huge difference when you pair the wool dryer balls with this all-natural dryer ball spray.

What are the benefits of dryer balls?

Using wool dryer balls has several benefits.  I’ve found that the handful of benefits outweigh using dryer sheets by a mile.

1. Budget friendly

You save money when you use dryer balls in place of dryer sheets.  A box of dryer sheets costs close to $10 and will only last a couple of months.  

If you spend $15 more, you can have a set of dryer balls that will last you for 1,000+ loads.  That is a huge money saver! 

Dryer balls also save you on electricity because they help clothes dry faster.  You won’t be running your dryer as long which will save you more money!

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2. Healthier

Although dryer sheets work well when it comes to static electricity, they have tons of chemicals & toxins in them.  If you’re on a mission to lessen the chemicals and toxins in your life, then this is a huge contributor.  Your clothes are infused with them from the dryer sheets.

Plus, the dryer sheets have perfume smells that are not healthy for you.  Some of the fragrance ingredients used are known carcinogens.  They smell wonderful, but they are dangerous to your health!

Dryer balls are fragrance free & all-natural.  They’re simply made from wool & totally free from chemicals.  It is an easy and healthy switch to make!

wool dryer balls next to blue spray bottle

How to use dryer balls & All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray?

Using dryer balls and the all-natural dryer ball spray couldn’t be easier.   You simply toss the balls in the dryer, spray with the dryer spray, & put your clothes in.  Super simple!

1. How many dryer balls should I use?

A typical rule of thumb is to use 3-4 wool balls for a small to medium size load or 4-6 balls for a larger load.

However, I always stick to 6 balls when drying my loads of laundry because it helps the clothes dry faster even if it’s a smaller load. 

2. How much All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray should I use?

I always spritz 6-10 sprays directly on the dryer balls before starting the dryer.  If it’s a large load or fuzzy materials that tends to get static-y, I make sure to do 10-12 sprays to eliminate the static cling.

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    How to make All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray?

    Making this spray is super easy!  You just need vinegar, water, & 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oils. 

    You’ll combine all of the ingredients in a 4oz spray bottle, give it a shake, and you’re all done!

    When drying clothes, spray 6-10 sprays on the dryer balls & start your load.  Easy peasy!

    Adding essential oils to your dryer ball spray

    When adding essential oils to your all-natural dryer ball spray, you’ll want to use 15-20 drops of essential oil.  You can pick most any blend that you enjoy for your fragrance.

    I really like a minty fresh smell on my laundry, so I typically use lime & spearmint on my clothes.  Another popular fragrance to use is sweet orange oil or lavender. 

    The options are endless when making your dryer ball spray.  It is fun to switch it up each batch you make, or simply make 2 bottles of different fragrance blends to choose from when doing laundry.  Maybe one days you’re feeling citrusy and the next you’re feeling flowery.  Half the fun is choosing your fragrance!

    Make the switch to All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray

    This is seriously one of the easiest switches I’ve made on my journey of simple living and using all-natural ingredients in the home.  I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well dryer balls & all-natural dryer ball spray works on your clothes!

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    Yield: 40z

    All-Natural Dryer Ball Spray

    wool dryer balls next to blue spray bottle

    All-natural dryer ball spray is easy to make and will leave your clothes static & wrinkle free!

    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes


    • 4oz Spray Bottle
    • 1 Part Vinegar
    • 1 Part Water
    • 15-20 drops of essential oil (I use 10 drops of lime & 5 drops of spearmint)


    1. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle.
    1. Use 6-10 sprays on dryer balls when drying clothes.

    Nutrition Information:

    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 0

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