Surprising Benefits of Sketching Regularly

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If you’re like me, you abandoned your creative side long ago.  Life happens and creativity takes a backseat to all of the other obligations that pile up.  If I knew these powerful benefits of sketching regularly for a few minutes a day, I would’ve incorporated it in my daily routine years ago!

Girl Sketching

What Happened to Creativity?

I’m 30 years old and I’ve had to discipline myself into becoming creative again.  I lost the skill somewhere along the way.  Growing up, I took dance classes, piano lessons, art classes, & even colored and journaled in my free time.  Maybe you can relate – if you’re like me, creativity was probably a normal part of your everyday life while growing up, but is it still a part of your daily routine?  

If not, the good news is, you can get it back!  Aside from enhancing your creativity, you’ll reap other health benefits as well.  Routinely sketching can improve your health and creativity in several ways.

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What are the Practical Benefits of Sketching?

There are several practical benefits of sketching daily.  First, it is an inexpensive hobby.  As adults, sometimes we forget to protect our hobbies.  We let the hustle and bustle take up our time and leave no time (or money) for hobbies.  You can start this hobby at zero cost – all you need is a scrap piece of paper and a pencil.  If you want to get really fancy, you can purchase a sketchbook for under $10 that will last you for months!  This hobby is easy and affordable!

Also, on a practical level, you improve your drawing and motor skills.  Just like anything, the more time you put into it, the better you’ll become.  You might not become the next Picasso, but you’ll definitely notice an improvement in your own sketches if you commit to sketching on a regular basis.  

Learning to Embrace Imperfection

Even the most skilled sketch artists don’t get it right on the first try.  There is an art to sketching (literally) and embracing the imperfection that comes with it.  Through routinely sketching, you’ll start to let go of perfection and see the beauty in the imperfections of sketching.  Through this revelation, you’ll start to become more confident and comfortable when jumping into situations that you normally would avoid due to uncertainty and fear of failure.  When you sketch on a regular basis, your perspective will change as you start to notice that imperfection is acceptable, and even commendable.

sketch of campsite

How to Improve Brain Health?

Sketching is known for several brain health benefits.  First, sketching can boost your memory.  On the front end, when you sketch about new topics that you’re learning about, you’ll have an easier time retaining the information than if you were to just write it down.  Your brain has to wire differently when translating new information into a sketch.  You aren’t just regurgitating words, but instead you’re imprinting the image of the newly learned information into your mind as you draw it out.

Alzheimer’s patients also benefit from sketching.  Sketching & painting can help strengthen the mind through recalling information and images.  Alzheimer’s patients have to search their minds for memories as they create drawings, which in turn can help strengthen their function of memory.

Helps With Relaxation & Boosts Mood

It is said that tapping into the right side of your brain through sketching mimics the act of meditation.  You hone in your focus, and in return, reap similar benefits to meditation.  Sketching can help you relax and relieve stress.  It gives you a chance to step away from your current stressors & slip into the creative part of your brain.

Sketching is also known to help improve your mood.  Maybe you’re having a bad day or somebody said something that rubbed you the wrong way.  Sometimes it can be hard to get out of a funk.  A quick tool to use is to sketch on a scrap of paper or something nearby for a few minutes.  It’s proven to help improve your mood and give you a fresh and positive perspective on the situation.  If anything, it’ll give you a few moments to escape reality and use creativity as a quick getaway right where you are.

How to Improve Creativity?

When you sketch routinely, you start to strengthen your creativity.  You’ll start to notice that you have new ideas that seem like they popped out of nowhere.  This is the beauty of creativity.  The more you practice, the more it unlocks in your mind.  Sketching on a regular basis will not only benefit your creativity while drawing, but you’ll start to incorporate creativity in your other routines.  You’ll have a new outlook on decorating, dressing, & communicating with others.  Creativity helps us grow dynamically in all areas of life.

Gain Creative Confidence

I’ve been using sketching to build up my creativity and learn new ways to earn an income.  As my creativity has grown and strengthened, I’ve had the confidence to start pursuing graphic design and book creation.

I believe God gives us an imagination as a way to connect with us and to help us connect with others.  Through our imagination, our creativity flows.  Because I so strongly believe in the benefits of sketching, I created a Devotional Sketchbook to help you start on your sketching journey.  For 50 days, tap into what God is saying to you as you start honing in on your creative skills.  Don’t forget all of the other benefits that will come along with your sketch journey too!

sketch of tent fire dog and girl with flower and pencil

Sketching Benefits Overview

Sketching has many practical benefits and health benefits.  Your drawing skills will increase and your confidence will soar with this added routine of sketching.  You’ll enhance your creativity and notice that you come up with fresh ideas on a regular basis.  You’ll also notice your memory, mood, & state of mind improve as you add sketching into your daily routine.  Something as simple as sketching for a few minutes each day can take your health and life outlook to a whole new level.  Give it a try and see for yourself!

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