DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe For Exfoliating

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Cold weather or hot weather, you’ve probably dealt with dry lips.  Sometimes chapstick isn’t enough to battle that flaky skin.  This brown sugar lip scrub is one of the best homemade lip scrubs I’ve ever used and it leaves me with moisturized, smooth lips.  You’ll love this DIY Lip Scrub recipe!

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Benefits of DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

When your lips are dry, sometimes the best method is to exfoliate before you can truly moisturize.  This is the same for dry skin.  We see all different types of body exfoliators, but our lips are just as important!

Making your own DIY lip scrub is a great way to save money while giving your lips that VIP treatment.  With just a few ingredients, the sugar crystals will exfoliate away the dead skin, and leave your lips feeling baby smooth.

Also, chapstick will work better when you apply it to clean, exfoliated lips.

There can be other benefits to lip scrub based on the ingredients you use.  This recipe has a lot of fatty acids in it due to the oils used.  The fatty acids will help give you long-lasting moisture.

You can also choose to add in ingredients that include vitamin c or vitamin e to give your lips an extra health boost & layer of protection.

Best Oils For Lip Scrubs

You have so many options when it comes to making your own DIY sugar lip scrub.  You can use any organic oils you have on hand.

For this recipe I chose to use coconut oil & avocado oil for the healthy fats.  They will moisturize your lips really well.

Other options that you might choose are:

  • Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (olea europaea)
  • Almond oil or sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis)
  • Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis)
  • Hydrogenated castor oil (ricinus communis)
  • Cocoa butter (theobroma cacao)
  • Rosehip oil
  • Argan oil

All of these oils are great options with varying benefits.

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Essential Oils For Lip Scrub

Aside from using the oils mentioned above, you might want to add an essential oil to your sugar lip scrub for the scent.  I suggest using lavender oil or peppermint oil.

You want to be careful not to use citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon, or lime because they can make your lips sensitive to the sun.  If you want a citrus smell, you can use sweet orange oil, as it won’t affect your lips while in the sun.

Calendula oil or chamomile are other great options for scent. Plus, if you want to make a lip scrub & lip balm combo, this DIY herbal infused lip balm uses calendula oil, lavender oil, & chamomile too!

Best Sugar For Lip Scrub

You can use any cane sugar you choose for this lip scrub.  The sugar crystals help to exfoliate your lips and remove dry skin.

Brown sugar is the best option when it comes to exfoliating your lips, as it is less harsh than white sugar crystals.  The brown sugar will exfoliate, but won’t irritate your lips as easily as a white sugar would.

For the best health benefits, I would go with an organic sugar, regardless of which you choose to use.

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How To Make DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

This recipe calls for just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand.  You’ll need:

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Shop the simple ingredients above to make your DIY brown sugar lip scrub. These are the oils I prefer to use, but you can use anything you have on hand!

Melt Coconut Oil

To start, you’ll want to melt the coconut oil, especially if it is solid.  If you don’t want to waste time with a double boiler, you can opt for fractionated coconut oil which is already in liquid form.

I don’t have a double boiler, so I use an insulated bowl over a pot of water.

Melt the coconut oil in the double boiler over medium-low heat.

double boiler coconut oil

Add Other Oils & Let Cool

Once the coconut oil is melted, you can remove it from the heat and add in the avocado oil.  Mix the oils together really well.

Next, add in your essential oil if you want a scent in your scrub.

Allow your oils to cool for 10-15 minutes so it won’t melt the sugar when you pour it in. Place the bowl in the fridge to speed up the process, but don’t let it stay in too long so it doesn’t harden.

avocado oil and coconut oil

Add Brown Sugar

The last step is to add in your sugar when your oils are back to room temperature.  Add the sugar to the oils & mix everything together really well.  You should have a paste-like, scrub consistency.

If your scrub is too liquidy, add more sugar.  If it’s not fully covered in oil, add more oil.  Play around with it until it is the right consistency, if needed.

brown sugar with oils

How To Use DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub is just as easy to use as it is to make!

  1. You’ll want to wet your lips with warm water.
  1. Then apply just a little bit of sugar scrub, like a pea sized to dime sized amount to your lips.  Rub the lip scrub into your lips using a circular motion on both top and bottom lip.  This will help to remove the dead skin cells.
  1. Since this is also a moisturizing lip scrub, you’ll want to leave the scrub on your lips for 1-2 minutes while the oils soak in.
  1. Then, either with a damp washcloth or your hands, rinse the lip scrub from your mouth.  You’ll be left with moisturized, clean lips.
  1. Finally, apply your favorite lip balm (like this homemade herbal lip balm!) to lock in that new moisture!
diy brown sugar lip scrub pin


This DIY brown sugar lip scrub recipe is about to be your new secret weapon.  Not only will your lips feel great, but they’ll stay moisturized longer and hold lipstick on better!

These gentle ingredients create a natural exfoliator for those dry lips.  You’ll never have to suffer with dry, scaly lips again.

FAQs about sugar lip scrub

Absolutely.  Using a natural ingredient like sugar combined with organic oils will exfoliate & moisturize your lips.

You can go as simple as you like for your lip scrub by just mixing 3 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoon of olive oil together.

Brown sugar is the best option because it is softer than other cane sugars.  It will be less harsh on your lips, while also deeply exfoliating.

You don’t have to leave the scrub on for an extended period of time.  Gently exfoliate your lips for 15-20 seconds and then allow the oils to seep in for 1-2 minutes before washing away.

You don’t want to over-exfoliate, so for the best results you should just exfoliate 1-2x per week.

For best results, lightly wet your lips with water before applying sugar scrub.

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Yield: 4oz

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

jar of lip scrub

This brown sugar lip scrub recipe uses gentle ingredients to create a natural exfoliator for those dry lips.  You’ll never have to suffer with dry, scaly lips again!

Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (cocos nucifera)
  • 2 tbsp avocado oil
  • 6 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1-2 drops essential oils


  • Double boiler or glass bowl and pot
  • Spoon
  • Measuring spoons


  1. Using the double boiler method, melt coconut oil over medium-low heat.
  2. Remove from heat and add avocado oil.
  3. Add essential oils if desired (optional).
  4. Let everything cool to room temperature for about 10 minutes before adding sugar.
  5. Add sugar in and mix everything together until it turns into a scrub consistency.


  • Use any oils you have on hand. You don't have to use only coconut & avocado oil.
  • Use white sugar if you don't have brown sugar.
  • If your scrub is too liquidy, add more sugar.  If it’s not fully covered in oil, add more oil.  Play around with it until it is the right consistency, if needed.
  • Exfoliate 1-2x per week
  • Place in fridge as it cools to speed up the process.
  • This recipe should stay good for at least 2-4 weeks. Just check to make sure it doesn't grow anything on it after a few weeks.

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  1. I love the idea of making your own lip scrub! And what better way to do that than with all natural ingredients. Wonderful!💖

  2. My lips are so dry this winter, I’ve been trying to find a good remedy for that. This recipe looks simple and easy since I have all ingredients on hand!

  3. I have such trouble with my lips during this time of year! This is one I’ll definitely need to try!

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