Ultimate List of 45+ Best Unique Gift Ideas For Crocheters

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Want to know what’s on the wish list for the crochet enthusiast in your life? Here it is! This is the ultimate list of best unique gift ideas for crocheters. There are over 40 crochet items on this list, and most of them are very useful items that will help your crochet friend or family member out!

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Easy Crochet Gift Ideas

This is a super helpful list if you don’t know much about crocheting. Many of the easy crochet gift ideas on this list are a great option to give your favorite crocheter. These would be a thoughtful gift for Mother’s day, a Christmas gift, or even a birthday gift.

Yarn Tools & Holders

You can’t crochet without yarn! Yarn can get messy, so some of the best gift ideas are tools that will help keep the yarn neat and organized.

Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl is a great option if you’re gifting a crocheter. They look decorative, plus they keep the yarn tidy. Yarn bowls are used during the crochet process to help keep the yarn flowing without tangling up.

These bowls are also fun to buy because you can pick a design that matches a crochet lovers personality.

Spinning Yarn Holder

The yarn spinner is an alternative option to the yarn bowl. You wind your yarn around the spinner. As you crochet, it spins and keep the yarn tidy. This is a great gift for a crocheter that is most likely on their wish list.

Project Bag

If you’re working on a large crochet blanket, you’re going to want a project bag. It allows the crocheter to take the project anywhere. It’s also helpful to store the items in that are needed for the project so they don’t get lost around the house.

Have fun and pick a bag that matches the crocheters personality! There are plenty of canvas tote bag options or zipper project bags to choose from.

Yarn Winder & Yarn Swift

Yarn winding is a tedious task. With a yarn winder, it will make the process go by much quicker.

Along with the yarn winder, it is a yarn swift is another useful tool to have. It keeps the yarn organized while it works through the winder.

Whether you just get the yarn ball winder, or both, your crocheter will be so thankful!

Yarn Bag & Caddy

Yarn is almost an obsession when it comes to crocheters. We stock up on it! It is hard to keep yarn organized in the home, so a yarn bag or caddy is the perfect gift idea!

Heck, sometimes crocheters have so much yarn, they need 2 or three yarn bags or caddies.


You can’t go wrong with just buying new yarn as a gift. There are different sizes of weight to choose from and many different colors.

A great option is the bulky weight yarn. It is easy to work with because it is thicker. It’s the perfect yarn to make scarves & beanies with.

If you’re planning to give the gift of yarn a good rule of thumb is to buy 3 skeins. It gives enough for a project with a little left over.

Tools For Crocheting

There are many different tools that are used for crochet projects. Some are used for every project, while others are useful for specific projects.

These tools are needed by all crocheters. You can’t go wrong when gifting these items to the crocheter in your life.

crochet tools

Starter Kits

If you know somebody that is just getting started with crocheting, this is a great way to help them out. A starter kit will give them all of the tools they need to learn how to crochet.

You can go with a small basic crochet kit. There are crochet kits that include the hooks and all the little helpful tools. Or you can even get a kit that includes skeins of yarn.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers make a huge difference in crocheting. They help mark stitches and rows so the crocheter doesn’t have to constantly count.

If they have been crocheting on a project for a long time, the stitch markers are so helpful!

They are a great addition to any crocheters tools. There are tons of cute stitch markers to choose from. Or just get a huge pack of the basic ones so they never need stitch markers again. It’s one of the easiest gifts for crocheters.

Ergonomic Hooks

Ergonomic crochet hooks are a wonderful present for any crocheter. No matter what skill level they are, ergonomic crochet hook set will help their grip & movements while crocheting.

They are easier on the hands and wrist too. It will help their experience during crocheting be much better!

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    Yarn Needles

    Yarn needles come in handy when it’s time to hide the ends of a crochet project. You can never have too many yarn needles!

    Yarn Pendant Cutters

    Yarn pendant cutters are a fancy way to cut yarn. They are easy to keep around, so you’ll never have to look for scissors again.

    They are small and will also make a great stocking stuffer!

    Counting Crochet Hook Set

    Sometimes counting stitches can become so tiresome. One of the most clever crochet tools is a counting crochet hook!

    This will save a crocheter so much time and give them confidence while finishing a project.

    Crochet Hook Case

    All crocheters have a handful of different crochet hooks. It’s necessary to have a bunch of different sizes of hooks.

    The perfect gift would be a cute crochet hook case to store them all in.

    Lint Shaver

    When yarn is washed or handled too much, it can form lint. A lint shaver is a helpful tool to have to keep the project looking clean.

    It will also be useful for personal use, which is a bonus!

    Retractable Measuring Tape

    I have so many small retractable measuring tapes. I keep them all around the house. They come in handy, especially for crochet projects!

    Blocking Mats

    Blocking mats are a great guide to have on hand. When working on projects, these mats help keep all sides the same measurement.

    You lay them out and work on top of them to make sure you’re working in a straight line. It will be a helpful gift for any crocheter!

    Foldable Scissors

    Scissors are a must when crocheting! Having a few pairs of foldable scissors is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

    They are easy to travel with and will prevent any shredding or tearing when placed in a project bag with the yarn.

    For a bonus, add a cute little tassle to the scissors so they’re easy to find.

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    Tension Rings

    Tension rings are used to keep the yarn tight while crocheting. They can be especially helpful for newer crocheters.

    Wool Wash

    Yarn can be tricky to wash. Wool wash is the perfect gift for crocheters. They can wash their projects without worrying about a harsh detergent ruining it.


    There are so many accessories that can be used in crochet projects. They give the final product personality and a touch of flair. There are plenty of accessories that make great gifts for crocheters.

    Pom Poms or Pom Pom Maker

    Pom poms are the cutest addition to a beanie. They come in so many colors and add an extra pop to the warm hats.

    Crocheters love having a set of pom poms to use. The bigger, the better!

    To get even more creative, give the gift of a pom pom maker. This will allow them to use the exact color they need.


    Tags are a fun way to add a personal touch to any crochet project. They look great on beanies, scarves, and many other crocheted items.

    You can buy pre-made tags or find a seller on Etsy to personalize some.


    Buttons come in handy when making sweaters, head wraps, mittens, and much more. You can’t beat the added flair of a cute button.

    Crochet Patterns

    Crochet patterns can be found online and printed out. For a personal, handmade gift, you could make a book of free crochet patterns.

    LoveCrafts.com has a huge library of downloadable crochet patterns for free. This would be a thoughtful gift for that special crocheter.

    Technique Books

    Books to help with technique are another fun gift idea. They can teach even the most seasoned crocheter something new.

    There is so much to learn in crocheting. There are hundreds of different stitches and many projects to make. These books and patterns would be a wonderful present for crochet enthusiasts.

    A few ideas are “The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches,” “Crochet Stitch Dictionary,” & “Crochet Patterns & Projects.”

    Fun Projects

    There are books you can buy that are full of fun projects. Below are few ideas of fun projects to give as a gift.

    Personal Items

    There are a lot of items that aren’t crochet related, but would be fun for a crocheter to receive. These gifts are more personal because they can be used for crocheting or just be nice to have anytime.

    Fingerless Gloves

    Gloves come in handy during the colder months. The beauty of fingerless gloves is that they can be worn while crocheting.

    The finger access will make it easier to crochet outside during the colder months of the year.

    Crochet-Themed Shirts

    There are a ton of funny and cute crochet sayings. Find fun shirts to give as a gift.

    Find even more ideas on Etsy for cute shirts to give as a gift for crocheters.

    Crochet Coffee Mugs

    Along with shirts, there are funny crochet mugs. These are fun to give and super useful to drink out of!


    Find fun stickers to give to your crochet friends. There are a bunch of cute sayings for stickers out there! Find some on Etsy or create your own!

    Hand Lotion

    Crocheting is all in the hands! Fancy hand creams and lotions are another gift idea for crocheters. They’ll love the luxury of having soft hands.

    Neck Lamp

    Neck lamps will give the gift of crocheting anywhere, any time! These come in handy all around the house. They can be used for many different occasions, not just crocheting.

    Crochet Jewelry

    These are fun and unique gift ideas. Find crochet jewelry that matches the personality and style of the person you are gifting. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and Etsy.

    Subscriptions or Audiobooks

    Crocheting and listening to a good audiobook are the perfect mix. Gift the crocheter in your life with a subscription or a gift card for audiobooks. Also, the best part is that they can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

    Gift Cards

    You can never go wrong with a gift card. There are many different stores that carry crochet items. Try gifting your loved one with a gift card to one of the many craft or yarn stores around.

    Every Crocheter’s Wish List

    All of the items above would make a great gift for any crocheter. Now you don’t need to stress this holiday season trying to decide what to buy. You’ll do great when you choose one of the gifts from this list.

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