8 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Friends & Family

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Making Christmas gifts for friends doesn’t have to be cheap or cheesy.  These 8 DIY easy Christmas gift ideas are a great way to give a gift that is meaningful & practical.

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What is a good DIY Christmas Present?

Around October or November, you might start to ask yourself gifts can you make for the people you love.  It’s good to get a jump start on gifts, especially if you’re going to make them from scratch at home.  You’ll have time to put thought and love into your gifts to really bless the person receiving it.

A good DIY Christmas present is anything you enjoy making and the person receiving it will enjoy using.  Sometimes when we search for gift ideas, a list of items comes up that are complicated to make or that aren’t very practical for the receiver.  

This list is full of simple ideas that will be loved and utilized by the person you are gifting.  There are 3 categories listed below for homemade gifts- mason jar gifts, bath and body products, and easy sewing projects.

Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Usually around November, I’m asking myself, “What can I put in a mason jar for a Christmas gift?” Mason jars are adorable and can be used in so many ways.  You can put skincare products in them or can delicious jams or jellies, among many other fun things to put into them.

1. Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is a useful and thoughtful gift.  This elderberry syrup recipe is quick to make and even includes Instant Pot instructions if you want to speed up the process.  You’ll also be able to use the simple instructions on the recipe to water bath can the syrup so it is shelf stable for 12-18 months.

Your friends and family members will have this delicious powerhouse remedy to use throughout the colder months.  It is made with wholesome ingredients and will save tons of money when you make it at home.

2. Peach Jam

Nothing beats the taste of homemade peach jam spread on hot biscuits.  This delicious, homemade treat is loved by all!

This peach jam recipe without pectin is simple to make and includes detailed instructions on how to can the jam so it is shelf stable for 12-18 months.

Give your favorite people this delicious jam so they can enjoy it too!

Bath & Body Christmas Gift Ideas

You can’t go wrong when giving bath and body easy Christmas gifts to your loved ones, especially when you’re using simple and all-natural ingredients.  It’s always a luxurious treat to use homemade skin care.

3. Shampoo Bar Without Lye

Shampoo bars are the way of the future.  They are friendly for the environment and even better for your hair!  

This shampoo bar with no lye has 3 simple ingredients & can be tailored to whatever scent you prefer.

Make a large batch of these and add a cute label for a fun DIY Christmas gift.

4. Beach Sea Salt Hair Spray

Give the ladies in your life this fun and non-toxic beach hair spray.  This Sea Salt Spray Recipe won’t dry out your hair and you can scent it however you’d like.

Put it in a pretty spray bottle and add a cute label.  Your friends will love it!

5. Body Butter With Tallow & Shea

This is the most luxurious Christmas gift of all.  Body butter made with tallow & shea butter is so nourishing for your skin & is the perfect gift for men & women alike.

Make a large batch and split it into sleek jars to gift to all the people in your life.

6. Perfume With Essential Oils

This is a super easy and fun gift to make.  Mixing essential oils and playing around with the scents based on your friends’ preferences is really fun!

Buy a set of pretty perfume bottles & get to mixing with this recipe for DIY Perfume.

Easy Sewing Gifts

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned seamstress, these gifts are easy to make.  They come in handy and can be used daily!

7. DIY Reusable Swiffer Mop Pads

Give your friends the gift of saving the planet and saving money by gifting them a set of Reusable Swiffer Mop Pads.

They are so quick to make and you can use cute fabrics to make them fun!  Upcycle shirts or blankets you have around the house and save yourself money while planning out this Christmas gifts at home.

2 cloth mop pads

8. Scrunchie Using Hair Tie

This scrunchie tutorial is so quick and so easy.  You can use fabrics you already have at home or splurge for cute patterns to mix and match.

Your friends and family will love this accessory even more when they know it was handmade just for them!

2 scrunchies

Homemade Christmas Gifts

When you make gifts yourself, there is an added layer of love and thoughtfulness.  Your friends and family will appreciate the time and effort you put into gifting them something made by your own hands.

Planning ahead and making a batch of easy Christmas gifts can save you time, money, and the headache of shopping.  Have fun and enjoy making these easy and thoughtful gifts for the ones you love.

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  1. Being so broke in this economy, this year will be the time to be frugal and do homemade stuff. Ill maybe even see about referencing this in a blog post of my own!

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