Ways To Boost Your Mood Naturally At Home

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Sometimes we have to work to boost your mood.  These are quick and simple ways to brighten and lift your mood at home.

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Ways to Lift Your Mood

Sometimes when I’m feeling negative, I immediately feel like leaving the house is my only option.  That means I’ll probably spend money, which is not a great habit to have.  When you’re on a journey of simple living, it’s best to find ways to improve your mood and lift your spirits at home. 

This list of ways to lift your mood at home only take a few minutes of your time, don’t cost anything, and are natural.  It’s a win-win-win!

1. Soak In Some Sunshine

Getting outside is one of the quickest and best ways to improve your mood.  The sun is medicine to our bodies and minds.  We soak in Vitamin D & lift our serotonin levels just by being in the sunlight.  These both help boost your mood naturally & help brighten your day.

Walking and physical activity help to get your blood pumping.  Your body naturally releases endorphins that will help boost your mood & relieve stress

Did you know that even just looking at nature is good for your mind?  Studies found that even a simple plant in your room can reduce stress & anxiety. If you can’t get outside, then bring nature inside!

2. Lift Your Mood by Making Tea

The simple process of steeping tea can boost your mood!  There is something in the slowing down and enjoying yourself a cup of calming goodness.

Besides the act of making tea, tea itself has many health components to help boost your mood.  Tea can relieve anxiety & stress while calming your mind  There is an amino acid in tea called L-thanine that helps you feel calm.

Taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to enjoy a cup of tea can do wonders for your health and mood.

To make your tea time feel even better, use a pretty tea pot & tea cozy.  I also sit in a comfy spot with a good book and set a ten minute timer.  10 minutes of intentional relaxation can work wonders for you!

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3. Have A Spa Day

One of the best relaxation activities is going to the spa.  For a pretty penny, they will pamper you and help you relax to the fullest.

Why not save money and create your own routine at home?  It’s easy to do!

Taking a warm bath can help serotonin release & fight depression.  Just fill up your bathtub and take a few minutes to yourself to help relieve any stress you’re dealing with!

End your bath with this luxurious body butter made with tallow & shea butter recipe. Or try one of these other DIY bath recipes:

Easy Homemade Bath Oil Recipe
DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray
Homemade Lotion With Tea Tree Oil

To really make your spa day even better, you can play relaxing music & add use your favorite essential oils in the water. 

Country Hill Cottage gives an extensive list of other spa activities you can accomplish at home to really lift your spirit.

4. Find a Simple Creative Outlet to Boost Your Mood

There are many benefits when using your creativity, and lifting your mood is just one of them.  Did you know sketching for a few minutes or free writing can reduce stress & lift your spirit?

I like to choose a few days each week to intentionally exercise my creativity.  Sometimes that is through sketching, playing ukulele or journaling.  Taking a few minutes out of my day to practice creativity has helped me regulate my mood.

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    Find out the surprising benefits of sketching each day in my previous blog post.  I’m convinced it can improve your health long-term as well as quickly shift your mood in the present.

    If you’re looking for ways to incorporate sketching or writing into your routine, check out the shop for my devotional sketchbook & memoir journal designs for purchase.

    5. Worship & Pray

    Sometimes it can seem like a chore to worship & pray.  God deserves it all and we should shift our heart to focus on pleasing Him instead of ourselves.  But God is so good, that He lets us benefit from worshiping Him too.

    Blasting worship music or finding a quiet place to pray can lift your spirits quickly.  Making it a consistent part of your routine can strengthen your relationship with God as well as relieve stress & boost your mood.

    Philippians 4:6-7 is a great verse that explains this: 

    Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

    Taking time to pray and worship will bring peace to you and boost your mood naturally.

    6. Give Yourself Permission to Relax

    We’re often stuck in a whirlwind and endless list of tasks to complete each day.  This can make it difficult to take time to boost your mood.

    Give yourself permission to relax.  Even if it is just by setting a 5-minute timer to sit in a quiet place.  

    If you want to successfully boost your mood at home, you have to learn to give yourself permission to relax.

    Recognize that running on empty will not get you very far.  Boosting your mood and allowing yourself to relax will help you finish the tasks all the more sooner.

    More Ways to Boost Your Mood With Rejuvenation Bingo

    I believe so much in taking time to relax and boosting our moods at home, so I created a Rejuvenation Bingo Board and placed it in the Member’s Library.  It shares more ways to quickly boost your mood in just a few minutes each day.

    I love to reference it when I’m in need of a lift & not in the right mindset to think of what to do.  It is nice to have a list to choose from instead of trying to figure out what will help you boost your mood while you’re feeling down in the dumps. 

    I hope these simple ways to boost your mood will become a regular part of your daily routine!  You deserve it and your mood will thank you for it!

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    1. I have found that making something with a dough helps me. It’s like playdough for adults but that’s actually delicious!

    2. The tip of giving yourself permission to relax is key. With a hectic schedule sometimes it’s hard to just reward yourself with some downtime.

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